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5 Techniques to get a Bigger penis

There are several penis enlargement techniques to get a bigger penis. Examine more about penile enlargement and treatment choices here. Read carefully here.

Having a small penis size? One of the most controversial terms all over the world. According to the recent penis size survey, Men consider their penis size small but in the actuality, Most of them have been found with an average size. There are around 45% of men concern in such a way their penis look. 

When it comes to penis enlargement treatment, There are several techniques and supplements often recommended but in this article, we are discussing the options for increasing penis size and try to comprehend a few best possible techniques for penile enlargement. 

Penile extenders

Penile extenders are mechanical devices containing a plastic made cage holdup with springs and rods.

It is well-worn over the human penis, and the springs are adjusted to generate a ‘stretch’ to human penile tissue, which is often kept for several hours.

When your penis tissue is stretched, small micro sized crack happens in the tissue, and the body attempt to repair these crack by the process of cytokinesis.

As a result, the number of cells increases and overtime this enlarged cell mass would reflect as a size enlargement. These penis extenders are one of the clinically approved alternatives for treating Peyronie’s disease ( Penis problems ) as well for penile enlargement

It does make the penis become bigger, commonly through this stretch, or through some soft heat. But The thing is, these do work, commonly about half an inch to around 2 inches of enlarging, but the thing is, it does have some safety and privacy concerns, and if you’re not being careful, you can hurt yourself. Therefore, it does work but there is a risk/ chance. 

Ideal Penis enlargement pills or medicines

There are several penis enlargement products but the reasons to recommend penile enlargement pills are more valid and appropriate. According to scientific studies. Penile enlargement is only possible during an erection. Image this, You have a balloon filled with water. As you increase the amount of water it gets expand in size. More water means an enlarged balloon. It’s the same procedures that ideal penis growth medicines or pills work on. The penile enlargement medicines such as Sultan’s night make expands penile tissues when it gets filled during an erection. So, if we increase the amount of blood rushing into the penis, We can actually improve penile’s volume(both length and girth of the penis). 

The penis enlargement pills rich in natural ingredients have been found to be the most effective ones. While Harmful chemicals and steroids may cause various kinds of side effects. So, it’s always wise using penile enlargement products. 

Cutting off your pubic hairs

This is a non-healing technique that can have play a psychological game to make the human penis look bigger and stronger, at least by a small margin.

After shaving pubic hair, more of your pubic skin is opened, however, masking the short size of the penis.

Once your penile erected, the Human penis will look decently more important, and this gives a man low self-esteem and lower confidence to perform in bed.

There are a lot of pubic shaving kits and hair remover creams to make the job simple for the man.


It’s the more natural technique for penis enlargement that significantly works. These free of cost enlargement techniques don’t cause any side effects and can be done at your convenience. Once you have taken a warm-up you can do these two most popular and famous enlargement treatments. 


This is one of the most traditional exercises which was first utilized by the nomadic/wandering Arab tribes. In jelqing, penile enlargement exercises, you should massage the penis with bright motion/ movement of your hand. These movements should feature the milking of a cow. Massaging the top of the human penis and milking it in such a manner, which improves the blood flow to human genitalia and its area. This a larger supply of blood delivers more nutrients towards the human penis, maintaining its growth naturally. Jelqing exercises also improve the strength of the human penis.

Kegel exercises

Kegels are the more modern method of increasing your penis, these Kegel exercises include tightening your penile pelvic muscles and strengthening them in such a manner. This exercise not only massages your penile tissue depth, but it also strengthens the muscular and epidermal layers of your groin. It helps strengthen the overall pelvic floor and all the organs within your pelvic region. This penile growth exercise is also very advantageous to those men who experience incontinence and bladder regulation/Control problems.

Penile enlargement Surgery

It’s a simple surgical procedure in which a ligament connecting the penis to the human body severed to make it swing out of the human body. 

Penile enlargement surgery may seem like a great idea, but most of the doctors would suggest against it. The human penile is a very sensitive organ that rich a lot of ligaments, blood vessels, and connective penile tissues. These all support erection when men are sexually excited. A penis enlargement surgery is entering without permission procedure and every procedure carries significant possibilities. The penile enlargement surgery could damage ligaments and nerve ending those support erections. Once both of these damaged, both the nerves and the ligaments cannot be restored. 

Which penis enlargement method can permanently increase your penis size?

Well, that is a tough question to answer because each of these penile enlargement techniques has its own Pros and Cons.

One obvious result that all of you need is ‘a good result particularly realistic and permanently’ which is regardless of all other factors.

Let’s talk from the financial point of view, the budget-friendly and most trusted options are a penis enlargement pills and extenders.  since it is a clinically proven method to achieve results as much as 2-3 inches.

Even though you might have to wait for a minimum of 2-3 months if you are using penis enlargement pills and 6-8 months through penile extenders. 

The longer for a satisfactory result and another drawback is the bulk which you would feel under the zip.

If you have a little gut to experiment and have some money in your bank, then a PRP is such a great choice, or injections of a similar kind can also be tried.

Quicker penile enlargement results always come with penile enlargement surgery to increase your penis size, but the margin of increment is very less compared to other techniques despite the huge cost suffered from some after effects & limitations.

Penile implant procedures can be tried but are suggested to get a second opinion about all advantages and disadvantages as only a few hundred people had tried this until now. Both Jelqing and shaving pubic hairs are two cost-effective and safer enlargement techniques but have low results compared to others.

Whereas, The penile enlargement medicines rich in blood improving ingredients can help to grow your penis size without causing any potential side effects. We at manufacture a clinically approved medicine The-Sultan’s-night which improve blood flow into the penis and expand penile tissues which result in penile enlargement of both length & girth. Click here for more information


  These all five penile enlargement methods are claiming to be effective but most of these are temporary. 

 According to the experts, penis enlargement tablets and extenders are often suggested. 

Unlike other cheap and crap penis enlargement procedures, The penis enlargement tablets with penile extenders can give your penile a significant growth revealed in several studies. The thing you should consider is making sure if it’s scientifically proven. For more information visit our website:-

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