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4 May, 2022 | pro | No Comments

Can overweight causes difficulties in sexual life of men?

In many surveys and researches questions have been asked by both men and women overweight can cause sexual inabilities or not.

Many scientific researchers have announced the truth behind it which I would like to tell you that how does being overweight can affect sex.

You must have heard by your mother or elder that being overweight may affect your health but she might not have introduced you the universal truth behind it.

My friends when I was over weighted and had the premature ejaculation visited to the physicians. He consulted the thing which I am going to introduce was losing the belly fat and suggested me for not taking any kind of supplement but pay attention over the losing weight, it was the cause of having such dysfunction ( premature ejaculation).

However, there are uncountable numbers of sexual inabilities which are causes by being overweight then also people don’t pay attention for losing their weight. Let’s know the reasons which are created by being over weighted.

Over weight and small dick

Have you ever heard about most common cause of penis shrinkage?

Let me tell you guys! Belly fat is the most common cause of having shrunk dick. Penis shrinkage is becoming more familiar among the men of 30 to 70 especially those who have obesity.

When you want your penis long the first access to your mind are the male enhancement supplements especially the pills but would it be okay if you don’t need any kind of supplement but only hope as well as guidance of the physicians?

There is nothing to do but reducing your overweight including belly fat, for the other reasons which give you shorter look to your penis.

Causes low blood supply to penis

Most probably everyone knows that having high blood circulation to the penis causes penis shrinkage and difficulties in men sexual life.

Overweight affect the health of the arteries and veins which affects your cardiac health and you would amaze knowing that having imbalance of cardiac health causes the sexual problems.

Therefore, try losing your weight for maintaining your sexual health but the thing to be noted is that don’t take any supplements for weight loss as most of the products provide harm whether they have high claims.

Over weight causes testosterone deficiency as well as lack of sexual libido

Have obesity have many negative impacts including imbalance of sexual health. You must be astonished having heard that “over weight causes testosterone deficiency which is commonly known as the lack of male sex hormone testosterone in men

Due to the lack of testosterone hormone the male can’t be able to have the fuller satisfaction of sex which affects sexual desire of men.

Such process works until you reduce the extra fat of your body.  Now, it’s your choice what would you like to choose?

Obesity and erectile dysfunction

Yes you heard right! Both obesity and erectile dysfunction are related with each other.

Men are worried about the having a proper erection with no health benefits.

Erectile dysfunction in men defines the inability of having sex and other medical condition but the cause which is similar among 90% of men is the overweight.

Losing and erectile dysfunction are related with each other, let me tell you how exactly it is!

A man with the balanced body can’t have erectile dysfunction, for it is specially found among the age of 30 to 70 in men.

Sexual health imbalance

The studies was done by the experts compared the sperm count of men who were obese and those who were normal.

The conclusion shown that having low sperm count was found in over weighted or obese men.

Other numerous studies elaborated the same thing which encouraged me to believe on these concepts.

I am not the scientist but according the researches as well as statistics has been developed by the experienced scientist shown the same thing.

Hence, you have gotten all the negative terms which are caused by the sexual health imbalance must be treated.

The treatments for losing the weight are given here. Let’s read some amazing facts about the weight loss.

Treatment for weight loss

  • The first thing I would like to tell you is the lifestyles changes including having healthy diet, exercises as well as quit your all the bad habits.
  • Don’t take stress reducing or depression preventing pills, for these are contained the high amount of blood.
  • For curing your sexual inabilities visit to the doctor, if you don’t have enough time can have the online consultation which is provided by our website named “com” by our physician.


Hence, you have gotten how being obese especially men affect your sexual health.

Follow these all the key points which would help to maintain your sexual health and losing your extra fat from the body.

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