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Different types causes of small penis and ways to treat it…latest 2019

Male have to face frustration due to small penis size. Such a sexual dysfunction (micropenis size) is very common in a male.

Micropenis size is medical term which defines the small size of the penis. There are uncountable numbers of causes by which small penis issue can be occurred.

It is most viewed issue among males that’s reason which convinced me to write blog about it.

You have been told in this article about cause of micro penis size and treatment of these diseases as well.

Why does a micro penis issue occur in males?

Micropenis issue can be caused by uncountable reasons which create difficulties in our sexual life.

  • Most common cause of micropenis issue is hormonal disorder which may be found in children.
  • Due to hormone disorders in children their penis size stop growing up.
  • Testosterone the male reproductive hormone helps to enlarge penis size but such a deficiency may not let the males to have a big dick.
  • Due to the aging as well as surgery of penis size can affect as well as penis shrinkage.
  • As there is no doubt that man for enhancing penis size may prefer surgical method and during at old age they have to face shrinkage.
  • These are conditions which create anxiety in males but the thing to be noted is that these all issue just happens with aging.
  • There are uncountable numbers may be caused by smoking such as lung cancer, enhance the risk of brain damage etc.
  • apart from that smoking also affect the penis length by shrinking.
  • Research has found about smoking that one of the most common causes of a small penis is considered as smoking.”
  • Medications may also affect penis size because it has been studied that those males with small penis size is familiar with chemical proven or scientifically proven pills.
  • Such pills contains a maximum amount of chemicals which may imbalance sexual health of males by shrinkage or getting penis size small.
  • Even they may enhance your penis temporary. On the other some natural pills such as ayurvedic medication doesn’t have any side effects with unimaginable benefits.
  • Everyone have a little fat in pubic area which can make your penis shrink that also causes small penis.

Some of the causes of small penis size are given above which may create many difficulties or issues such as:-

Lack of sexual stamina

By having sexual stamina males can have many benefits such as performing very well on a bed as well as might have big dick whereas some male having lack of sexual stamina caused by micropenis size issue.

A short time of having sex

Males want to have sex for a long time but because of the small penis size, they can’t be able to have any sexual activity with a small dick.
Most of the males have small penis having to suffer from short timing of sex that’s the reason why they don’t want to have a small penis.

Decrease the secretion of testosterone

Due to the secretion of testosterone a male hormone, many issues can be created. Micropenis size issue decrease may be the cause of low testosterone in males which may cause infertility or impotency in males.

Erectile dysfunction

Are you able to achieve a proper erection during having sex? If not, you must be suffering from erectile dysfunction which is also known as impotence in scientific term.
Such a sexual dysfunction may destruct the sexual life of human being which must be cured.

Create conflict in the relationship

It has been studied about small penis size issue that such a condition is another cause of conflict between partners.

Some of the females want to fulfill their sexual need but due to the micropenis size issue, they can’t be able.

While female can’t be satisfied conflicts and misunderstanding can be started.

Treatment for the micropenis size issue

Now you might understand about all the issue which may be created by penis size, and then comes to its treatment. What should actually it?

Sultan’s night sex power capsule is specially manufactured for enhancing penis size of the male without side effects on the human body.
Another benefit of sultan’s night penis enlargement pills is to cure these all above-given issue which may create stress as well as a conflict but after
using sultan’s night you will be able to permanently cure with the complete three months of treatment.


Micropenis size such sexual dysfunctions have many harms some of them are given here.
Sultan’s night penis enlargement pills are manufactured under the strict hygiene to cure penis size issue in males.

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