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Hacking tricks for sexual satisfaction?

How to attract my wife or husband for sex?

A million questions have been asked by many people but there are very less websites who talks about its answer.

Everyone wants to be sexually satisfied on bed whether they are woman or men.

Here are the best tricks for both males and females to sexually satisfy their partner.

Use these tricks and you will be able to enjoy your sexual life.

Do what he wants

If you want to sexually satisfy your men for having sex so, you know his all the sexual desires.

Males are unique beings; ever males have different sexual desire.

Don’t make him feels that you are not facing pain during sex.

Try to attract him sexually by touching his body as well as sex organs. Whenever you feel during talk that you are getting in a wrong way must stop!

Make yourself Hygiene

Being hygiene is the most necessary part to attract your males.

You can use good quality fragrance soap for your body. Also wash the genitals before having sex therefore it would help you to sexually attract your male.

Make sure that you hand are clean as well as nails are cut.

If you are having sweaty activity such a sex then, Cotton is a good choice to let the females breathe very easily.

Communicate with your partner

Understanding between each other plays the most necessary role in your sexual life.

Do you the main cause of sexual issues? If no, So let me tell you about it.

Misunderstanding or miscommunication is the main cause of sexual issues.

Try to know about his desire or what he wants.

Look confident

You action tells what is in your mind. Especially, women have fear before having sex due to pain during, low libido of sex as well as relationship issues.

Make sure that these sexual should be cured by natural way of treatment such as ayurveda in India.

After curing these all dysfunction you would feel confident for enjoying your sexual life.

Most of the females have cured their disease, Now it is your turn.

Hot and sexy dress

It will definitely attract your male for beings sexual.

Wear something should be attractive and killer. There are many males who claims that a sexy lingerie attract themselves for having sex.

Some sexy accessories will attract the males such as necklaces and bracelets may be the good idea for you.

Be sexually active

There are many misconceptions here for woman that woman don’t show the interest in sex are told in our society.

So the point to understand is to be sexually active for the males.

Show your men that you are interested in sexual activity. Let me tell you about a truth that females should be sexually active except of pretending.

Behave an open minded woman

Be open minded with your husband will maintain your sexual life.

When it comes to your relationship you should be open minded and never close your suggestion.

Make sure that even you and your partner are taking satisfy with decisions have been taken both of you.

Apart from females, there are millions of male want to how to satisfy their lady on bed?

There are many ways how to please your woman for sex:-

Keep up personal touch

Do you think about that time when you and your partner used to go out for?

There are uncountable cases in which males leave personal touch with their wife and cause relationship issues.

You must try to make sure you don’t forget to bring gifts as well surprises for your wife.

It will help to maintain your sex life as well.

There are many things you should not forget about your woman is:-

  • Wedding anniversary
  • Shoe size
  • Birthday of your lady
  • Her favorite color
  • Her favorite accessories

Be a strong man in bed

Pretend yourself a strong man in bed it will help you to sexually attract your woman for having sex.

Remind it that you are not crossing your limits. Make sure that being a gentle male as well as strong man.

You must know the difference between abuse and hostility.

Some cases were found that male crosses their limit on bed and it causes issues in your relationship. So be careful!

Love her!

If you truly want to turn her woman on you must attracts with her like an angle.

Play with her hairs and body, even teasing by your hand and tongue may on her sexual desire.

By using the right words you can sexually please your woman for having sex.

Make sure that you are just doing what she like therefore it will impact her body.

She will respond your action beautifully and definitely you will make her satisfy.

Smell good and be hygiene

Once again, you are being told to be hygiene for it is the most important thing in our sexual life.

It may occur that if she doesn’t like the odor of your body and she may push you away.

There are lots of cases occurred and it may also causes relationship issues.

For make yourself hygiene take good smelled variety of soap and even wash your genitals.

You hands should be clean as well. It may attract you lady.

Don’t be selfish

This is good that you want to be sexual but the thing which can frustrate your wife is to be selfish or goal oriented.

This may also causes difficulties in your sexual life and causes relation problems.

Even you should care about her desire and your goal oriented behavior may hurt her and decrease her libido for sex.

Make sure that she is having enough enjoy for sex. So, it must be in your mind that she has desires too.

Try to do something different

Do you the reason why sex begins to get boring therefore is it may be repetitive again and again!

Hence, it is important to change your way of sex time to time.

Try to refresh your way of sex all the time for a good sexual health otherwise it may start to get bore.

Even try to play sexy games as well as sexy talks with your partner.

You can make her woman feel one night stand by following as well as refreshing your way of sex these ways.

Sexual and Emotional satisfaction

If you know to emotionally satisfy a woman, your relationship will be stronger than previous.

It is easy to sexually satisfy a woman but emotionally.

If you want to emotional satisfy your lady you must know by understanding her mind as well as her thinking.

Making herself special for your may get her emotionally satisfied for the males.

Every girl wants to be sexual with a guy with whom she may feel safe.


Both males and females must remind that they both should not be goal oriented for sex.

It may create anxiety as well as relationship problems between each other.

So, try to satisfy your male | female for sex but try to do what they want.

Hacking tricks for sexual satisfaction

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