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How to hack women’s mind for sex?

how to please your lady sexually?

Have you ever tried some hacks to satisfy your woman?

If they work it is great and they don’t?

So let me tell you the ways how to increase sexual desire in males.

Women are unique being they need to be treating with the different ways.

 Males must know how to please woman sexually therefore .

it is the most viewed topic of every country including India.

Sex is the most common and viewed topic in both males and females. It is the regular need of couples but there are many males who have to face many difficulties for satisfy woman’s mind for sex.

Due to low libido or lack of sexual desire can’t let the females for having sex.

Remember that for if you are satisfying females at first you will have know her mentality for sex.

Then you will be able to make sexual relationship with her. This is what the most necessary think about it.

Here are some ways how to hack your woman’s mind for sex.

Read this blog carefully for improving your sexual life by getting about how to increase sexual excitement in females.

Obey her desires

For hacking brain of your lady you need to care her feelings.

Every Woman is different with each other they should be treated like an angle then she will definitely think about it.

There are many ways to sexually attract your woman but the best thing of this way is that it will psychologically please your lady.

 Yes you are going in a right way if you are using this way.

Be clean!

Be hygiene before having sex is the best way.

Make sure that you have had the bath and wash your body properly it will give you attractive look.

There are many methods that tells how to be hygiene before sex.

Wash your hand

Wash your hands properly, for your unclean hand may distract your lady for sex.

So keep in your mind that you have washed your hand properly.

Use soap

Use the good variety of soap in order to get the mind-blowing fragrance of your body.

This is the most attractive way to increase female satisfaction for sex.

Wear something attractive

For improving your sexual life you should different thing for making your woman satisfy for sex.

Wear something hot as well as sex. Red is the best way to  to attract their wife and girl friend sexually.

Make her feel good

This is the best way to hack her mind sexually.

Buy some amazing present and ready some surprise for her.

It will emotionally and psychologically attracts herself.  

Here are some ways how to treat her like an angle of you:-

Enhance your stamina high as well as her confidence

Sometimes males become goal oriented and just want to enjoy sex but you should not let her confidence down.

During having sex you should keep in your mind that she is feeling good or not. 

Try to do what she want from you

Try to Communicate with her will help you to please her.

This is true that try o read a woman’s mind is truly hard but your efforts will make your success. 


Compliment about dishes was made by her.

Make her feel that she is the most beautiful lady of the world.

Compliment about her dresses, her hair and eyes it will attract her for sex.

Sex is different for every women

Is it true? Obviously, every woman has different sexual desires and there may be some females may not have.

Males eagerly want to perform sexually on bed on the other hand females don’t wait to have sex on their marriage.

Sex for every woman is different such as a women a different sexual satisfaction and another woman may have different sexual desires therefore this fact is undoubtedly true for every woman.

Be open minded

If you want to turn your woman on, you will have to be opening minded or try to have sexy chats with your lady. There are many benefits of being open minded.

Gain confidence

Being open minded will enhance your confidence, without any difficulties your relationship problem will be cured. Yeah it is true!


If you fluently say what you want from your sexual partner then you are truly honest.

It helps to create less misunderstanding in your sexual life.

Every woman wants their males to be honest and caring.

It is really amazing ways for how to please females.

Save Relationship

Be open minded is the best option for a person to solve their relationship problems.

I have heard about many people that the misunderstanding is the most common cause of relationship problems.

Speak what is in your heart won’t make these issues anymore and it is the best way to increase sex desire in women.

Helps her to satisfy

A male with open mindedness will attract as well as impress your lady for having sex.

This is the most working way for the males how to satisfy females for sex.

Refresh your views

Experimenting all the time helps to save your relationship problems which may cause inability to have sex therefore you must try to refresh as well as try something new.

Here some ways are given for better sex relationship:-

Try to do something different

You may get bore having sex again in the same ways.

Try to change your position of s*x for better sexual life than previous.

Create atmosphere for sex

By decorating your room and changing all the textures you can attract your wife.

It helps to create the atmosphere and your wife’s sexual libido will get enhanced.

Kiss her and lick her

For getting her sexually attract gradually kiss her hand then comes to her forehead. Kiss her forehead slowly then come to nose after all gradually kiss her lips.


Women are different being for the males therefore,

before hacking a female you should know her mentality.

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