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Is there any side effect of using sex power medicine before sex?

Over the internet, Thousands of articles suggest taking sex enhancement medicine before having sex but sexual professionals have something to say. Let’s discuss what the truth exactly is?

Every individual wants a pleasurable sex life with a fully satisfying sexual performance. It’s one of the commonest desire praise by millions on the planet. However, It’s not something that is easily achievable. Therefore, Several sex enhancement alternatives are often recommended for being a lasting longer “one” on the bed. 

The most common preventive measures to increase sex stamina is sex enhancement tablets for men. This is one of the most effective prevalence to improve overall sexual performance if it’s chosen wisely mainly over the internet. 

In other words, most of the sex power medicines with bad quality are sold over the internet, Therefore it’s always good being consistent while choosing sex products for an overall improvement of sexual performance. The sex power medicines rich in natural extracts improve overall sex life without any risk of side effects.

Ayurveda also manufactures such natural sex power tablets based on the fundamental principle written in the book of ayurveda. 

There are several preventive measures for sex enhancement such as sex power medicines, exercises, Yoga, Healthy lifestyle and many more. But in extreme cases, the natural/herbal medicine for a sexually long time is required for realistic and permanent results. And it’s suggested taking ayurvedic medicine for sex before 2-3 hours of sex, however, it’s nothing only a myth. There can be a lot of side effects using sex medicine before sex. 

Side effects of using sex power medicine before sex………!

Before having sex around 2-3 hours of sex, if ‘ones’ consume sex power tablets for men. It results in numerous side effects are as follows:-

Body ache:

 Taking Sex enhancement medicines before sex often causes severe back pains and pain which becomes uncontrollable for a person. The chemicals used in sex pills weaken the muscles sometimes particularly in the lower back & occasionally throughout their bodies. Some Medication may help you cure this ache but then it comes back after an interval if you continue consuming the tablets. 


 Dizziness is one of the most common side effects of numerous drugs and even before 2-3 months of medicines for sex enhancement cause it.  According to the sexologists, The boost of nitric oxide content in the body makes a person sense dizzy. Even though, mild it occurs very often and can be a concern for a patient which makes a person weak and completing their average day-to-day tasks becomes very complicated and leads to discomfort. 

 dizziness on a daily interval can also occur and it becomes very harmful for your sex life, With it comes vomiting, deficiency, slurred speech, problems seeing or moving, or laziness, headaches and skin weakness.

Loss of vision and hear:

You heard right…………..! Both vision loss and hearing loss can be the commonest negative impacts of having sex power medicines. Your ability to see /vision is blurred and you can’t be able to set very simply. Hearing correctly becomes difficulties and it all occurs because of the variation in the blood circulation.


Sexual professionals say that Headaches are the commonest side effect associated with sex enhancement medicines if it’s consumed before sex. Using our sex power medicines, The medicines improve the nitric oxide makes changes in the blood circulation and that may cause headaches sometimes. It’s often said that A headache is a significant side effect that continues no matter what. However, you change sex enhancement brands, the concern pertains therefore, one should go for herbal sex enhancement medicine

Difficulties in Digestion:

Experts suggest that taking sex enhancement pills before almost an hour of sex can lead to several difficulties in indigestion such as Diarrhoea, stomach ache are some very common digestive system difficulties that can be led because of the consumption of sex medicines. Such sex enhancement drugs cause indigestion and interrupt the functioning of the stomach.


 Using sex medicines before sex can trigger your cold and make you experience congested too. This may also lead to weakness and illness in the body due to the changing of balanced chemicals in the body and majorly the blood vessels cause congestion and illness.

Best medicine for more power and stamina in bed

Now, you are aware of its side effects,

And I am uncertainly assured that you would want a better sex enhancement measure to it! 

Ayurvedic medicine is a really good antidote for all your sex-related problems. 

At Prosultan, we offer THE SULTAN’S NIGHT Clinically approved sex power capsule for men which is the best Ayurvedic medicine for a sexually long time available in the market. 

It riches in rare founded natural rejuvenation herbs such as Ashwagandha, Ginseng, Shilajit, saffron and many more that make it an conclusive ayurvedic medicine to boost your strength and durability. 

With an easier dosage schedule of one sex capsule on the bed with water or milk will result in a satisfying sex life where you can be to please your partner and last longer than sex. Therefore, Don’t thinks much and order THE-SULTAN’S NIGHT pack and be astonished by the results. Click here to know more.


Hundreds of blogs and articles describe that taking sex enhancement products particularly the medicines before sex can lead to numerous side effects. However, These tablets are considered one of the most effective measures for overall improvement in sexual performances. 

Therefore, it’s always good to follow an appropriate dosage schedule prescript by doctors than consuming natural sex enhancement tablets before sex. 

We at Prosultan give you an opportunity talking with our sexual professionals who also recommend you a scientifically proven herbal medicine for sex power THE SULTAN’S NIGHT without any risk of side effects. 

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