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Male enhancement pills, pumps, and exercises. Do they really work?

Every guy experience feeling of insecurity when it comes to their penis size but is it actually for real? Do most commonly used method for penis enlargements such as male enhancement pills, pumps oil, and much more work? Let’s read and find out the truth that finally revealed.

Not every individual is happy with the way their penis looks and feels. It’s often observed that most men all over the globe demand for penis enlargement medicines, pills, pumps and many more to increase their penis size, already have an average penis size which is enough to please a female. According to the studies, 5.6 inches in an erect penis & around 3.5 inches in Flaccid state are an average size which is not enough for millions of men; these are not a normal size but almost an inch lower than what the men actually consider a normal at 6 inches  if you are serious about male enhancement pills that increase the male enhancement 

Why Men So Much concern About Their Penis?

The human penile is a biological marvel tasked with sexual functions and urine excretion as well. 

It’s a known & most popular fact that the penis attains its maximum size at adolescence. The growth of the human penile and other sexual organs begins with the onset of puberty when the production of testosterone hormone is at its peak. At that time the penis size starts increasing gradually with the onset of other sexual characters which includes growth of the beard and pubic hair, development of muscle mass with speedy growth in height.

When we grow older, we tend to observe other men’s penis size. And if we find our size smaller than others, a sense of insecurity slowly starts to creep in. This sense of insecurity further develops when you hear stories of how women prefer men with strong penises. The size of the penis is often attributed to a man’s masculinity. Men often think that the bigger the penis size, the better it is to satisfy a woman. This coupled with the sense of insecurity often leads to severe anxiety about the penis size.  Scientists have also shown by the studies that this anxiety leads to other sexual dysfunctions such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, low libido and total dissatisfaction from the sexual intercourses.

Why Men Have A Small Penile?

There are several reasons why some men may have a smaller penis size than other men. There are two cases revealed here. Before we discuss both of these scenarios it is essential to know that there is a lot of differences around what people think like the normal size for the human penile. So for easy understanding, we would be counting a human small if it’s below inches during erection.

1) Reduced penile growth during adolescence:

There are cases where there is a reduced rate of growth in the penis after attaining puberty (during adolescence). The main reason for this is low testosterone levels. Testosterone is the male hormone which is responsible for the development of sexual characters in males and helps in the growth of testicles and penis. If for any reason there is a lack of this hormone during adolescence, then chances are that it may impact the growth of the penis and testicles badly. And the size will remain underdeveloped for the rest of life.

2) Penile Shrinkage Dysfunction:e

In some cases, the size of the human penis may shrink to a smaller size after a prolonged illness or many more reasons. Age is another important factor that may cause your penis to shrink. There are certainly other factors that may play an essential role if you find your penis size is shrinking. You may read all these factors in this article.

Complications With a Small Penis:-

Small penis size can lead to numerous complications. Most of these are psychological:-        


  • Nervousness about the sexual  intercourse
  • Relationship anxiety and depression
  • low self-esteem & confidence
  • Improper and shorter erection
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Erectile dysfunction/ impotence
  • Dissatisfied sex life

It’s not only a myth Penis Size Does really Matter:

It is now a proven fact that women lie to have sex with men having larger penises. Several studies conducted in the US confirmed that women find it more appealing and satisfying SEXUALLY  if their partner had a larger & thicker penis. There is a greater dissatisfaction among millions of males in order to their penis size even though they thought the penile size was average.

Most men believe that their female partner would not find his size ideal for full better sexual satisfaction.

you would find that such thoughts may ultimately damage the confidence and self-esteem. this causes several psychological issues in which also includes sexual dysfunctions in men such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, low libido and fear of not being able to please her in a sexual relationship.

Generally used Preventative measure for male enhancement

Penile extenders

Penis extenders are a special kind of enlargement devices used to increase the penis size during the flaccid state. It is one of the most commonly used methods for penis enlargement. Even though it does nothing except for stretching the human penile tissues and its supporting ligaments to make your penis look longer. There is no enlargement in your penile growth and Doctors suggest that you can increase your flaccid penile length by up to 1.5 cms with 2-3 months of use. 

Penis enlargement medicines, oils, creams

Most of the penis enlargement medicines displayed online or sold in the market are total crap. There are thousands of oof brands to increase penis size, all claiming to be themselves to best penis enlarger that having a superman effect and affirms that are practically not possible

How can penis enlargement pills grow you your size by 4-5 inches within a few days? 

We have seen numerous advertisements with this kind of huge claims and fake promises. The actuality it is really very complicated to find an effective penis enlargement medicine that is ideal, promises you what is really achievable and does not make fake promises.

It is usually understood that the human penis size cannot be increased with penis enlarging pills but thousands of men could get larger, stronger and thicker penis using penis enlargement medicines.

Male enlargement pumps

Penis enlargement pumps are some of the most popular types of penis enlargement devices used by numerous men in a hope to add a few extra inches to their penile size. 

Penis pumps use a vacuum causing a negative pressure when applied to the human penis. This leads to two physiological phenomena inside the men’s penis primary is The negative pressure causes more blood to flow to the penis and dilates the blood vessels The secondary is Due to the pressure being applied there is also several degrees of traction which loosens the ligaments that connect the human penis.

Does Ayurveda Have Any Medicine For Penis Enlargement?

Everyone knows that Ayurveda is one of the oldest systems of medicine in the world today. It is an ancient system of medicine that has answers to some of the most adversely impacted  & complex medical conditions. The problem with these such types of traditional medicines and treatments was that they are not scientifically proven. And that is why most modern scientists and doctors do not believe in them.

Now, the situation is gradually changing. With increasing mass scale acceptance & popularity of  Ayurveda, companies have started funding ayurvedic experts and many more clinical trials are being conducted gradually to prove their efficacy.

So far the results of these studies have been very inspiring and most of the claims made in ayurvedic manufacturers were otherwise rejected due to the lack of data, are now being accepted all over the world.

Ayurveda offers numerous aphrodisiac herbs that not only helps to improve overall sexual performance but also helps to increase penis growth. Even if there is very little scientific data in its support, but the same herbs have been used for thousands of centuries with excellent & realistic results. So it would not be surprising if the same is proven in the future when pharmaco-physiological studies are done on these scientifically proven herbs to ascertain their efficacy for increasing human penis size.


These proven herbs are added in our Penis enlargement ayurvedic medicine THE SULTAN’S NIGHT for realistic male enhancement for life-long. If you want this medicine visit or take a free consultation with our physicians. 

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