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Treatment for low libido in men

Low libido in men means low sex drive in men, it means lack of interest in sexual activity. It’s very usual to lose interest in sexual activities. and your mood is not matched to your partner. if low libido stays for a long period in your sexual life then it can become a concern for you and your partner.

What are the causes and symptoms of low libido?

There are various causes and symptoms of low libido.

  1. Low testosterone: – Testosterone Is an important male hormone in men. It’s responsible for building muscles and bone mass & stimulating sperm production. Most men have low testosterone but it is not good for your sexual health, when your testosterone levels decrease then your sex incline also decreases. If you are decreasing testosterone level with increasing age so it’s a common part of aging. But a stiff strong drop in testosterone can lead to low libido.
  2. Restless legs syndrome: – It is the uncontrolled urge to move your legs, men who are with restless legs syndrome are at higher risk of developing erectile. erectile dysfunction occurs when a man unable to maintain an erection.
  3. Depression: – depression can change your life, that people who are suffering from depression can completely lack their sexual interest. Depression is also the biggest reason for low may be can break your relationship also.
  4. Chronic illness: – it can reduce your sperm count; chronic illnesses can take a toll on your libido. so if you are suffering from diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, chronic lung, heart, kidney & liver failure. So it can become a big reason for chronic illness. and chronic illness can affect your sex drive.
  5. Sleep problems: – if you don’t sleep well then it is also a reason for low libido, sleep problems can lack your sexual relationship because if you don’t sleep well then you have lost your stamina level.

Symptoms of low libido

  • Sleep disorders: –  sleep well and maintain a good sexual relationship after that you may able to increase your libido level.
  • Bad mood: – it means you are not interested in any sexual activity and you have short of libido.
  • Relations difficulty: – means having no interest in your partner, and lack of understanding & trust issues. 
  • Hair fall: – when you are facing a lot of hair fall it may be a reason for your low libido.
  • Stress: – stress might affect your sex drive.
  • Lifestyle factors: – try to ignore alcohol, smoking, poor body image. Do exercise and make your body attractive and fit.

How to treat low libido naturally?

There are various natural ways to increase sex drive naturally.

  1. Fruits & dry fruit: – you can eat figs, bananas, avocados. these are libido-boosting foods. These fruits may give you vitamins & able to increase blood flow in the body.
  2. Chocolate: – it is a symbol of desire, just because of its power to improve sexual pleasure & delicious taste too. Chocolate can produce mood-lifting effects. Chocolates are very effective in your sexual life.
  3. Herbs: –   Ashwagandha & ginkgo Biloba help you to increase blood flow in the may help with erectile dysfunction. ginkgo is a very effective herb of a Chinese ginkgo tree. even Shatavari, safed musli, and more herbs are also helpful to increase see the drive in men.
  4. Boost your self-confidence: – unhealthy diet & lack of exercise may cause have to a poor sex life & poor may discourage you from having enjoying sexual life.
  5. Vegetables: – garlic and onion helpful to increase blood flow in the penis. It increases your libido & sex power. These vegetables also contain vitamin –B.


Low libido may affect your relationship, you need to take extra care of yourself and your partner. these herbs, fruits & vegetables will help you to increase your sex drive. making a healthy lifestyle, but if you are already taking medication, firstly make sure with your healthcare these herbs or foods are good for your health or not.

Even if you are having a good relationship then you can do a conversation with your partner and reduce your stress level. Follow these guidelines and make your relationship wonderful. Eat foods & herbs to recover soon.

Except for these all-natural treatments, there are various sexual boosters tablets available in India which can amazingly improve your sex drive very quickly. You can take these ayurvedic sexual booster tablets without any concern and fear. It never gives you any kind of harm. These ayurvedic tablets we made with a blend of naturals herbs. that’s why there are no side effects of these ayurvedic sexual booster tablets.

If you want to talk with the doctor but don’t want to show your identity, then don’t be sad because there are various online professional doctors available for your help. You can talk with them without any fear and hesitation they will guide you in the right way. Even you can connect with them through the wats up, phone and video calls, and through the mail.

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