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unbelievable facts about female orgasm

unbelievable facts about female orgasm

Women are considered as unique beings therefore every woman have different ways to achieve their sexual orgasm.


Some can have by kissing or some can have by touching that’s why they are many surprising facts about the female orgasm that how women achieve orgasm.


There is no doubt that male have the poor understanding about female sexuality but sex is the regular having part of our life henceforth, I decided to write an article in aim to make better understanding about female sexuality.


In this article I am going to tell you about the amazing as well as surprising facts about female orgasm and types of women orgasm that can help to improve understanding about the female sexuality.

Here are some facts about the female orgasm are given below:-

every woman gets the orgasm in a same way

Once again, I have to say that women are different from each other and their ways of achieving orgasm are also different such a woman can achieve by watching movies as well some pornography.

On the other side, another woman can have their orgasm during intercourse, by touching or keeping a vibrator on bed.

The way of having an orgasm is depends on the body structure of the females therefore, females are told as the different with each other.

Helps to regenerate sexual stamina

Do you know about the cause of low libido of sex in females?

You might know about it.  Let me tell you the cause of low libido and how is it related with the female orgasm.

Lack of sexual stamina can causes the low libido of sex in females therefore,

females don’t like to be sexual but after achieving orgasm female gets their sexual stamina

as it helps to maintain body temperature, regulate pituitary glands as well as balance hormonal secretion.

Another benefit of female orgasm is to maintain the sexual health of women by having sex without any difficulties.

Female orgasm may shut down a part of your brain!

Yes! A researched was done by scientist in whom a women brain was being monitored;

she lays in the MRI (magnetic resonance imaging).

This research helped the scientist in finding that how the brain conduct the symphony of activity to sexual climate in women.

This researched have proven that achieving orgasm can shut down a little part of brain.

You can find the changes of your mind during having sex due to the shutting down the part of the female’s mind as well.

Women Achieve orgasm during child birth

Yes, you heard right!

Most of the women achieve their orgasm during birth of child or delivery of child.

It defines that they are different to take the orgasm in many ways.

It is a miracle to achieve orgasm during child birth henceforth, it has been considered as one of the best way to achieve orgasm but it can be repeated again.

Some women have declared themselves that during delivery they have had orgasm for having sex.

This myth has been found by many experienced researchers that’s why every woman has the different capacity to achieve orgasm.

Replace painkillers

Off course replace the painkillers have been tested by the researchers.

Endorphins secreted by orgasm and pain provide the degree of pain relief.

Female orgasm works as a painkiller therefore; endorphins blocked the pain signals to the nervous system.


This painkiller helps to treat every types of pain by elevating the thresholds therefore;

it has been taken in order to work as a painkiller.

Reduce anxiety

Female orgasm is especially works to reduce the stress by reducing the “stress hormone”

(a hormone which elevates the blood pressure as well as enhance the supply of energy),

improving mood, release anxiety during having an orgasm therefore,

it is wrong to achieve the female orgasm as it has many health benefits including beating the anxiety in females.

This is the myth behind achieving an orgasm to females that they can’t get ejaculate when they achieve orgasm therefore,

females can’t be able to enjoy their sexual life due to the ejaculation which causes lack of sexual libido in women.

It was being researched that just 60% of female can’t ejaculate during sex. 

Penis size doesn’t matter

For enjoying sex or getting an orgasm women want a big dick.

Thing which they want is sexual stamina of the males.

It has been told by many women that “male think more about penis size than females”.

This pronounced of the females has changed many thinking but some male just want to concentrate on their penis size.


Surprising facts about female’s orgasm are those facts which define its feature. Female orgasm is condition in which a women is completely able to have sex therefore, it has many benefits.

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