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4 May, 2022 | pro | No Comments

Unheard Hygiene Tips For Having Sex

Hygienically healthy for sex is must for everyone because sex has become the regular routine of couples.

Therefore, today I here to tell you the best hygiene tips for sex which describes the precautions before and after sex.

Sexual hygiene body is the desire of both men and women which protect them from the sexually transmitted diseases.

One of the best ways for sexually healthy body is hygience hence; follow these unheard tips which would help you for not having the STDs.

Whether male or female both can follow the hygiene tips for sex.

Follow these precautions and best hygiene tips before sex must read:-

Have the healthy bath

Healthy body is must for every guy especially for those who want to have better sex.

For cleaning your whole body you must have bath before sex which would refresh your mood and make your body smell free.

“Studies done by experts have shown that having bath before sex protect both of the couples from Sexually transmitted diseases” but the way for having bath must be good :-
  • Wash the whole part of your body especially the sex organ with the high quality which has the sweet smell.
  • The genitals must be cleaned properly because the unclean sexual organ may frustrate your partner.
  • Don’t have the warm shower because sexual stimulation may reduce your stimulation of sex.
  • After masturbation don’t have bath, for it may turn your mood off.

Don’t forget protection

When you are not expecting child and want to have so, you must know the precautions which would save you from STDs as well as sexual problems.

Would it be okay to use the condoms? Every guy will have the different answer for such questions but let me tell what the experts say.

According to many researchers the using of condoms for sex protects you from many disease and also known as birth controller.

Henceforth both males and females don’t get nervous talking about utilizing condoms which would make you sexually healthy. Since, the unwanted pregnancy would create more difficulties and you can’t think that how difficult it can be.

Some golden points of using condoms:-

  • Couples who don’t want to have the unwanted pregnancy must use it.
  • Without any kind of negative impact on your healthy it uncertainly gives you the sweetest pleasure.
  • Condoms are present wherever you want especially the medical store near by your house.
  • With low cost people can utilize it.

Would it safe having sex with infections?

Before revealing the truth let me ask you a question.

Have you ever had sex with infection and do you to have again?

The answer must be No, since when you are having any kind of infections in genitals your body can’t stimulate the sexual orgasm which wouldn’t help you to have the enjoyable sex.  

It uncertainly gets dangerous or might be the cause of STDs for your sexual life which not let you live long.

Hence, you must consult with the physician and don’t hide something with him.

After having sex must follow these best hygiene tips after sex:-

Researchers proclaimed about sex that “most of the people follow the precautions before having sex but after sex not only people avoid tips for good hygiene after sex but also get it the misconceptions”

Read these all the tips for the good hygiene after sex:-

Wash your sex organs

Especially those people who have to face the difficulties during sex must wash their sexual organs.

That you keep you away from the genital infections as well as sexually transmitted diseases.

Such precautions are avoided by most of the couples because they have misapprehensions about it and some of the people might not have heard these amazing ways for being sexually healthy.

Have bath again

Right!  It might be odd listening but you have to bath again after sex.

Although it’s necessary but you can only wash you genitals people who want any kind of sexual dysfunction must follow such wonderful precautions. Once again, you must follow same procedure of having bath.

Go for routine check up

Once in week or twice in month you must go for routine checkup if it’s your first experience of sex.

Since, when you have sex some bacteria get enters in reproductive organs whether you have misconception that you had healthy sex or not but such process take place in your body.

Avoid masturbation

Due to the lack of sexual stamina or having disease people may not be able to get the sexual satisfaction which inspires them for the masturbation after sex which is not good for their health.

Even if masturbation is healthy sexual activity but after sex you should not have such activity since, it may unbalance your sexual health by reducing the sexual desire.

Apart from this, if you want to masturbate you would be able to know what I want to say, for condition it is expressible.


Now you must have understood all about the precautions and best way for sexually healthy before and after having sex.

These hygiene tips for healthy sex can be followed by both of the couples which would save you from the STDs as well as other sexual dysfunctions.

Guys! If you are experiencing sex first time or earlier married must add these all the habits in your sexual life, for these healthy tricks for sex uncertainly working.

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