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What size is enough to please her? An average penis size or a big penis?

The high demand of male enhancement treatment indicates that there’s an essential need of penis enlargement.  Have you ever thought why male enhancement is highly demanded?

“The reports of several surveys revealed the same thing that more than 80% of men on planet think that their penis size is not enough to satisfy their lady which is uncertainly the major cause of increasing demand of male enhancement”

In other words, Men think that their penis size can’t let their women to achieve sexual satisfaction. Therefore, men seek the enlargement treatment for the permanent and realistic results.

When it comes to female sexual satisfaction, every guy wants to know that what penis size can actually amuse her? An average or a larger penis size? Therefore, I am here to discuss about female sexual satisfaction and what size can exactly please her.  Before deeply dive in to discussion I would like you to know what an average penis length?

What is normal or an average penis size?

Who doesn’t want to have a bigger penis? Almost everyone wants a bigger and larger penis which has proven in the reports of the surveys. Sexually professionals also experience many cases of their patient who have an inherent desire to possess a larger penis than an average size. Since, average penis size is 3-5 inches which is not considered good by most of the men. However, an average penis size can be advantageous in many aspects which are also proclaimed by the physicians and experts.

With an average penis size many men feel more comfortable. In other words, the length and girth of an average penis size is normal which can fit in easily in your outfits and make you feel more comfortable.

Whereas, sexologists says that having an average penis size may cause certain disadvantages which is sufficient to bother a guy. Read carefully these harmful effects of an average penis size which may concern you easily are as follows :-

  • Men often think their average penis may sexually amure their lady which is supported by sexual professionals. According to experts, an average sized men can get sufficient erection and may not let staying long lasting in bedroom which doesn’t satisfy your women.
  • When the chambers of human penile don’t get a good amount of blood their penis gets swell which causes erectile dysfunction.  Even these conditions may cause peyronie diseases and also genitals infection , If such kind of sexual dysfunction are not taken seriously.
  • To sexually satisfy your lady what does actually matter length or girth? According to the surveys the girth  matters more than length of penile. The thicker penis with 1- 2 inches girth can help you attaining rock harder erection which can generate her orgasm as well. However, statistics and reports pronounces that girth of an average penis isn’t enough for her!

Now, you have enough consciousness about an average penis size. Therefore, you may continue reading carefully to know what size can amuse her? An average or larger penis size?

What is better to satisfy her? A bigger or an average penis size?

As we have discussed earlier that average penis provide no sexual benefits rather causes many harmful impacts on your body functions. When it comes to bigger penis size, it causes well maintained sexual health with various health benefits. Even though you may have heard many misconceptions that there’s no role of penis size in female sexual satisfaction which is surely wrong.

Without wasting your precious time, It would be better to reveal the truth. Guys the large penis is more advantageous than an average penis. Henceforth, it is rightly said that having bigger, stronger and harder penis get first priority by the women which has also approved in surveys.

Why only bigger penis can attract your women?

Sexual professionals claim that thing which matter to please her is girth with the normal length(5.58 Inches).  Whereas Women correlate both penis size and sexual satisfaction which each other.

According to the women perceptions they can be sexually pleased with harder and thicker penis that can provide them sexual satisfaction. You must be thinking that the proclamations of sexual professionals is different than female perceptions.

Don’t get muddle! Let me explain guys. Literally, It’s nothing except of misconceptions of women’s mind that only harder and longer penis can sexually please her. Whereas the experts claims that 1-2 inches girth of human penis with average length (5.59 Inches) can enough her to cry.

Here are some facts given here which states having bigger and thicker is always considered as pleasant with various advantages :-

  • Performance a pleasant sex with fuller sexual satisfaction.
  • The bigger penis get sufficient amount of blood to its chambers which doesn’t let the human having peyronie diseases.
  • Women having large vagina can be pleased with the large male sex organ.
  • Long lasting sex with amazing sexual experience.
  • High confidence of sex.

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